An analysis of the conflict of vietnam and united states

The vietnam conflict extract data file of the defense casualty analysis system (dcas) extract files is the successor database to the combat area casualties current file the vietnam conflict extract data file of the dcas contains 27 more records than the combat area casualties current file as of december 1998, which contains 58,193 records additionally, there are some changes to the fields between the two files, most notably in the respective date-of-death fields. Insightful analysis is essential to any conflict management process, from prevention to mediation to reconciliation this course will help you understand the potential trajectories of a conflict situation so you can develop effective peacebuilding strategies.

States participated in many military conflicts including world war i, world war ii, the korean war, the vietnam war, the persian gulf war, and several other smaller or unofficial engagements.

Vietnam war encarta encyclopedia defines the vietnam war as a military struggle fought in vietnam from 1959 to 1975, involving the north vietnamese and the national liberation front (nlf) in conflict with united states forces and the south vietnamese army. See also us department of state, foreign relations of the united states, vol 5, vietnam, 1967 (washington, dc: us government printing office, 2002), 216–219 (hereafter cited as frus) westmoreland took to heart the importance of rural construction. By the end of president truman's final term in office, the united states—a nation born of a war for independence—was paying for nearly 40% of all military expenses in france's colonial conflict but even with millions of dollars in aid, the french were losing, and losing badly.

The war began in 1955 and ended in 1975 this historical period was the era of the cold war, which was characterized by a lot of tension between the united states and soviet union the vietnam war took place in vietnam, and was extended in laos and cambodia the vietnam war is also known as vietnam conflict and second indochina war. Chapter 15-17 all questions possible study play the united states claims that iran engages in state-sponsored terrorism for supporting hezbollah fighters in lebanon who are frequently at war with israel iran counters that israel, with the support of the united states, engages in terrorism against its neighbors a social-conflict. Diem's regime and the united states government refused to acknowledge both the accords and the plan for national elections again, ho chi minh's plan for vietnamese independence had been foiled in an effort to strengthen a democratic, anti-communist state in south vietnam in opposition to minh's communist regime in the north, the united states inadvertently produced a tyrannical, autocratic government.

Provides an introduction to the theory and practice of conflict analysis by illustrating analytical tools used, with reference to two extended case studies, the conflict in kosovo and the genocide in rwanda. Analysis of america's longest war: the united states in vietnam the reports in this novel are prefaced with a quote by robert shaplen, which sums up the feelings of those americans involved in the vietnam conflict. The vietnam conflict extract data file of the defense casualty analysis system (dcas) extract files contains records of 58,220 us military fatal casualties of the vietnam war these records were transferred into the custody of the national archives and records administration in 2008.

An analysis of the conflict of vietnam and united states

Historical analysis of politics in the vietnam war the vietnam war through the lens of politics the united states and its one-time ally, the soviet union, clashed over the reorganization of the postwar world each perceived the other as a significant threat to its national security, its institutions, and its influence over the globe. February 1966, the united states is deeply involved in the war in ithe united states and some other free world countries support south vietnam while the soviet union, communist china, and other.

  • ,us objectives in vietnam: an analysis of current and ultimate goals by lt col james m peck adjutant general dorps more than a decade ago the united states side-stepped the vietnam issue, despite its oft proclaimed policy to contain communism, vietnam--a conflict on the mainland of asia which has been escalated.

Us involvement in the vietnam war: the tet offensive, 1968 in late january, 1968, during the lunar new year (or “tet”) holiday, north vietnamese and communist viet cong forces launched a coordinated attack against a number of targets in south vietnam the us and south vietnamese militaries sustained heavy losses before finally repelling the communist assault.

an analysis of the conflict of vietnam and united states Ho chi minh and leaders in hanoi planned the tet offensive in the hopes of achieving a decisive victory that would end the grinding conflict that frustrated military leaders on both sides a successful attack on major cities might force the united states to negotiate or perhaps even to withdraw.
An analysis of the conflict of vietnam and united states
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